Extracurricular Sports 2012-2013


Message from our Physical Education Teacher, Georgina Ethridge:

Another year of sports activities at J. J. Curling is about to begin!  J. J. Curling will be offering the following extracurricular sports for students in Gradese 4-6.

bulletGrade 4-6 Running Club (Sept - Oct)
bulletGrade 4-6 Cross Country SKiing Club (Jan - March)
bulletGrade 4 Boys Basketball (Oct - March)
bulletGrade 4 Girls Basketball (Oct - March)
bulletGrade 5 Volleyball Club (November - March)
bulletGrade 5 Boys Basketball (Oct - February)
bulletGrade 5 Girls Basketball (Oct - February)
bulletGrade 6 Volleyball Club (November - March)
bulletGrade 6 Boys Basketball (Oct - February)
bulletGrade 6 Girls Basketball (Oct - February)
bulletGrade 6 Boys Soccer (March - May)
bulletGrade 6 Girls Soccer (March - May)

If you are interested in coaching or volunteering in any of the activities listed above, please contact Ms. Ethridge at 785-2814.