As the doors to the J. J. Curling Elementary music room flew open, girls and guys from both the grade six classes pushed and shoved noisily into the room. An excited murmur rose like a wave from the small pack as they sat down on the bleachers. In front of them, sitting on a big box, was a man smiling patiently. Eyeing him curiously, the little group continued to converse together but quickly halted as Mrs. Roberts introduced the man in front of them as the Honorable Gerry Byrne, MP for Humber-St.Barbe-Baie Verte.

    On Wednesday, the 10 of November, J.J. Curling extended an invitation to Mr. Byrne to visit the school as a guest speaker for the grade sixes. Mr. Byrne easily accepted the proposal and took his seat in the students line of view. Positioned on the bench, he introduced himself with what seemed to be ease and began to take any and all questions shot at him. Answering readily, the sixes got one heck of a look at the past and present of Mr. Byrne.

    As soon as Mr. Byrne announced he would be taking questions over two dozen hands were thrust into the air without fail. After a pause to wonder which hand to pick first, he pointed to the back row and the discussion commenced. The students asked many types of questions, those relating to his work and also those relating to his interests.

    Students were given a first hand glimpse of the life of someone in the spotlight, and were given many messages on how to make the most of themselves. Continuing on in school, getting a good, solid education, following dreams and ambitions were only a few of the messages Gerry Byrne brought to the students.

With thanks to one of the Grade 6 students, Kassie, for writing up most of this report.